Always inspiring dancing music is the heart of a good Tango event. In order to give  you the oportunity to experience the most beautiful dancing moments at any given time, the Pandas‘ top priority at the Ronda de Amigos is the dancers‘ enjoyment.


James Bates – Friday Night

We are very glad to have James on board, he has played tango music for many years now and is a popular and sought after DJ in all of Europe. His energetic and varied music creates a upbeat and cheerful mood and will surely keep you dancing all night long.




Monica Suteu & Frank Seifart – Saturday Afternoon

Monica has a very good hand in compiling the perfect tanda. Her combination of touching and intense music makes a visit to her milonga a truly special experience. She creates energy and intesity in milongas, marathons and festivals worldwide!

Photo (c) terrigalindophotography



As a DJ Frank builds up the energy during the milonga like nobody else. By the way he chooses the music you can feel that in his heart he is a dancer – you can count on him to always play the best dancing music. Just like him, you will want to dance every tanda!

Photo (c) Alessandro Tessier-Ashpool




Francesco Cieschi – Saturday Night

Francesco, an in-demand DJ for obvious reasons, understands perfectly how to play the right music at the right moment – no dancer stays seated during his milongas. We are very lucky that he is a part of the Ronda de Amigos!



Ricardo Grünewald – Sunday Afternoon

Ricardo was born in Buenos Aires, lives in Berlin and fell under the spell of Tango music many years ago. Today he is one of the most inspiring DJs in Europe. One of his best djing qualities is his ability to sense and adapt to the mood of the dancers. This way he creates best dancing atmosphere in milongas! What a joy to have him in the team!


Ralph Nasi – Sunday Night

We are happy to welcome a very experienced DJ from Istanbul at the Ronda de Amigos. Ralph’s excellent music selection captivates because it matches the dancers‘ needs. His broad Tango music repertoire makes dancers‘ hearts happy!


Oscar Moreira – Cortinas on Sunday Night

Oscar Moreira was born in Uruguay and is now living in Vienna, where he organizes one of the beloved milongas of the city, the Milonguita Montevideo. As an artist representing the culture of el Rio de la Plata, singer, painter and cook, as he describes himself,  he will join us by singing cortinas during the Sunday night milonga. We are happy to have won him for the Ronda de Amigos!

Photo © J Anton Lee