Our Duelo de Amigos will have a small, experienced Jury which will decide along with the audience which dancers will make it into the next round and who will eventually win. We are very happy to have gathered such experienced, skilled and friendly jury members!


Ines Muzzopappa is certainly among famous dancers and teachers of the young generation who have made it to the top. She has participated in various competitions and in 2007 she became World Champion of Tango Salon. Along with the other Jury members and the audience she will take part in deciding which dancers will qualify for the next round and will eventually win. We are extremely lucky to have such an experienced and highly qualified dancer on our Team!



Alejandro Hermida’s deep love to Tango combined with many years of hard work with experienced, famous Maestros have brought him to where he is today. He became Milonga Champion in Buenos Aires in 2007. He will bring and share his experience with competition during his jury work at the RONDA de AMIGOS. It is such a pleasure to work with such a wonderful and motivating teacher!


Sophia Paul has been working with dance since her very young days and extended time spent in Buenos Aires as well as work with famous Maestros have led to several successes. She won the UK Champion Tango de Pista 2016, and became the European Milonga Champion and German Champion Tango de Pista at the 5th Festival and Tango Contest 2018. We are very glad that she is a part of the Jury!



Matias Facio has been dancing since 1995 and is teaching for more than 15 years. His unique style, his talent and his teaching qualities have made him to one of the favorite tango teachers of Berlin. His many years of experience and his keen view for talent in dancing perfectly complete our jury judges. We are very much looking forward to working together!




Julieta Qüesta meaningful experiences in tango competitions began many years ago, she obtained her first title in 2009. Since then she has been continuously competing and winning numerous awards and recognitions. In her tango, the traditional and aesthetic technique of the feet stands out. We from the RONDA de AMIGOS consider ourselves lucky to have Julieta in our team!




Rauli Choque has extensive knowledge in Tango Salon, and Tango Fantasía, developing an aesthetic and functional style over the years, with a clear knowledge of the origins of Tango. He has participated in numerous events and obtained with Julieta Qüesta many different awards and distinctions. RONDA de AMIGOS is very happy to have him in the jury!