Ines Muzzopappa and Alejandro Hermida are well known and very popular Tango dancers and teachers, both in Buenos Aires and around the world. They belong to the young generation of dancers who learned a lot from the old, famous Milongueros and who developed an individual, expressive and elegant dance, that incorporates the influence and respect of their Maestros. Their hard work and patient training paid off in 2007, when Ines won the World Championship in Tango Salon and Alejandro became Milonga Champion of Buenos Aires. They both are experienced teachers who gathered valuable experiences during different competitions, which they will gladly share during their coaching workshops at the RONDA de AMIGOS.


Amaya and Felix Naschke have been dancing and teaching for several years now in Berlin and they have impressed through their elegant style of Tango Salon, inspired by several famous Maestros. They are both successful and popular teachers. Their teaching focuses on the quality of the dancing experience as it comes from a solid foundation. During their workshop they will help you maximize your potential.